Top 7 Custom Enterprise Mobility Solutions And Services

enterprise mobility solutions

Enterprise Mobility Solutions are a remedy for businesses to allow staff members to use portable devices safely. 

The procedure of protecting company data on employees’ portable apps is known as enterprise mobility management, and it includes several tools and platforms for managing mobile devices.

Smartphone Management, Digital Content Management, Software Product Management, and Android Identity Management are its four main parts.

What does Enterprise Mobility Management Service entail?

(Enterprise Mobility Solutions Overview)

Enterprise mobility solutions automotive differ from organization to organization.

A few solutions only secure data; others secure specific apps, while others lock the entire device.

Mobile devices motivate employees to work while on the go, increasing their productivity at the office. 

Because these gadgets have access to enterprise assets, the organization has potential threats.

These risks include trojan, gadget thievery, and accidental deletion.

Consequently, safety, identity authentication, and access control are crucial components—mobility solutions examples.

The graph from Netsol’s research will show the benefits of adopting mobility over time.

According to the chart, adopting a mobility solution will lead to increased productivity and versatility while lowering costs for the company.

Best Solutions for Enterprise Mobility

The top seven enterprise mobility managerial remedies in the industry are listed below.

1. Peerbits

Peerbits offers mobile application development services to provide enterprise mobility remedies. 

It offers solutions for various industries, including universal health care, schooling, commercial, and others.

It carries out implementation using the cloud.

For information on sale prices, get in touch with the business.


  • It offers wireless workflow management, BYOD strategic planning, cell phone monitoring capabilities, portable surveillance management, and smartphone content management functionalities.
  • Additionally, it has cloud-based enlistments, mobile remote monitoring & provisioning, and optimized user productivity.
  • Mobile apps will support cross-platform.

It provides an enterprise mobility solution by creating smartphone applications according to your needs.

It conducts app research and refinement and offers creative works for the apps.

2. Space O Technologies

Mobility solutions companies from Space O Technologies come with comprehensive surveillance technology to protect your company’s data.

Numerous industries, including mass transit, are served by its remedies.

Numerous sectors, including commuting, medical services, and skills training, are served by its remedies.


  • Device Management for Mobile
  • Mobile protection
  • An M2M communication
  • BYOD Services
  • A platform for Mobile Applications

It covers a diverse range of capabilities and offers enterprise mobility solutions services to several industry segments.

3. Citrix

Citrix offers interconnectivity, predictive analysis, and virtual workstation solutions for corporate accessibility.

It provides customer-focused solutions that would increase your company’s versatility.


  • Employees should be able to collaborate remotely from any location thanks to desktop applications and apps that offer wireless connectivity.
  • The enterprise application sharing management will provide you with total visibility of your applications and desktops through intelligent data analysis.
  • Your company can connect and exchange information from any location thanks to the content collaborative efforts.

 It is well known for offering virtualization of systems/desktops and applications.

4. Nex Mobility

By creating an android application, Nex Mobility offers enterprise mobility solutions. Almost all areas of the economy provide a structured approach.

It uses cutting-edge technology You can empower your company and create more efficient customer assistance with the aid of these facilities.


  • Applications will handle the protection of data.
  • Apps will offer streamlined platform assimilation across many multiple devices.
  • UI solutions will offer insightful platforms.
  • High bandwidth data delivery is a feature of the application that the app created.

It offers robust, user-friendly, secure, and cross-platform firm mobility applications. Incorporating third parties is also permitted.

5. Honeywell

For the entire mobility lifecycle, Honeywell offers an enterprise mobility solution. Staff can operate from any location, using any handset, anytime.


  • Manage Telecom Expenses
  • It provides expert assistance to enable you to hire more on-site personnel.
  • The managed mobility facility is offered.
  • You can get technical counseling with a strategic approach, making plans and evaluations.
  • It offers continuous delivery, including purchasing shares, reprocessing, and restoring.

It offers a special feature for managing telecom expenses, including procurement, processing invoices, expense tracking & efficiency, and grievance redressal.

6. Credencys

Sales, Industrial Production, Banking & Finance, Shipping & Logistic support, Online Bureaus, and Management Consulting can all benefit from Credencys’ enterprise mobility solutions.

The Quasi Agreement guarantees safety and secrecy, and you get authority over the program code.

There won’t be any additional fees; you must pay the stated price. You can contact them and ask for a quote on the amenities you need.


  • The hiring of mobile app development companies will be beneficial.
  • Due to the obvious Multinational Development Center, it is also a good option for work orders.
  • Since you will only be charged for the money and human resources, it will be a cost-effective fix.
  • It will offer appropriate advancement.

It offers consulting and strategic plan services, portable software improvement, android layout, code review, installation and maintenance services, discovery workshops, and entrepreneurship mobility solutions.

7. Blackberry

Blackberry offers Enterprise Mobility Management solutions to effectively manage and safeguard smartphone applications, records, and systems.

It offers services for secure, productive output, organizational restructuring, and records protection & compliance.

The five pricing tiers offered by Blackberry are Managerial Updated version, Enterprise Edition, Partnership Edition, Software Edition, and Data Edition. You can speak with the business about pricing information.


  • Device Management for Mobile
  • Identification and Access Control
  • App Maintenance for Mobile
  • Governance of mobile content

Identity and Access Management offers your organization a simple and safeguard remedy for gaining permissions and infrastructure.

The best Enterprise mobility software applications in the industry have been examined in this article.


This article aims to highlight the top Enterprise Mobility Software solutions available today.

Space O Technologies provide a mobile Application Platform and M2M communications, and Peerbits offer a mobile application development service.

Through its app development, design, and testing services, Credencys offers enterprise mobility solutions.

Nex Mobility can perform several third-party integrations, one of the best Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Enterprise mobility services PVT ltd has all popular mobile platforms. Telecom expense management is a unique feature provided by Honeywell. 

BlackBerry Software has unique features for Android devices, such as Mobile Reputation Services and Virus Protection.

Citrix provides virtual apps and desktops, and blackBerry provides managing identities and access. 

Technology and tools that allow people to manage and communicate their daily lives and relationships have changed significantly due to the advent of truly mobile computing devices like smartphones, tablets, etc.

In the workplace, employees can now bring in their own devices for work purposes, and this effect can be seen everywhere.

As mobile and social life merge today, organizations are increasingly embracing this evolution not just for cost savings but also for analyzing user behavior data and using it as part of their business strategy.

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Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Whenever a company thinks about convenient and productive working, an enterprise mobility solution comes first to their mind. It is a mind-blowing information technology director.People who avoid this technology due to the implementation include the challenges. But, remember – the challenges can be easily overcome with a little bit of care.The best part of an enterprise mobility solution includes the best organization network and security of data with minimal cost. Technology brings security, affordability, and convenience, all three factors simultaneously. Let's understand enterprise mobility solutions in a better way.

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    What are the attractive services of Enterprise
    Mobility Solutions at winter infotech?

    Winter Infotech provides the services for implementing enterprise mobility solutions. There are so many specific reasons people stick to the company to receive a better outcome. The following are the ways to make the explanations better.

    Enterprise Mobility Solutions

    The benefits at winter infotech for Enterprise Mobility Solutions


    The first benefit at winter Infotech regarding enterprise mobility solutions is increasing the efficiency of collecting the data. This is the critical component on which we work. This is useful for businesses by making the use of mobile apps. Due to this activity, people can easily manage the enormous amounts of data that is helpful for customers. Moreover, it is easier to track the data for companies.

    Employee Productivity

    The next benefit is increasing the level of productivity. Believe it or not, flexibility is necessary for handling the business today. We have flexible choices such as co-working spaces for the employees. It also lets the employees work from home and come out with extraordinary outcomes. This keeps all the reports regarding the productivity of the internal software.

    Fast access

    The enterprise mobility solutions let the companies obtain prominent information with a specific key. It is possible because of the connectivity to data. As a result, it increases the overall productivity that is better compared to physically available on site.

    Reduce cost

    Another benefit is completing the main task of companies at a minimal cost. This lets employees go with simple assessments to assess the data faster and safely. In addition, it is responsible for increasing the system's efficiency and providing real-time updates. As a result, it saves a lot of money because the entire procedure takes proper control over the various processes.

    Increase Data Security

    Last but not least, the enterprise mobility solution is responsible for increasing data security. This is important for companies that are the digital world's essential requirement. This adds extra protection to the companies by managing the risk with additional layers.

    Enterprise Mobility Solutions

    The factors on which we work

    Our Core Service

    Our core services

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    It takes care of mobile security protocols. You should consider a single solution to cover everything to approach the process.

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    The flexibility for managing mobility depends on the operating system, capabilities, and device features. It helps to find out a solution.

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    To enhance clients  experience, collaborate with IT that helps protect the data without user privacy.

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    The factors on which our professional team works with our data management, data encryption, device management, data protection, and application management.

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    Monitoring correctly at a certain level is good for reducing any company’s risk.