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    Progressive Web Applications

    Progressive Web Applications

    When we talk about running an online business or the presence of a business online, it must make the workflow easier. Companies make their online presence through their website, and now with the upcoming technology, Progressive web applications have made their mark. Every business that operates online considers having a mobile application to be essential. Progressive web Applications PWA have made it easier for companies to develop an application for their businesses, and now it has captured a lot of presence online.

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    1000+ Projects Delivered

    With 100% Client Satisfaction in Building Web and Mobile Application Development

      What is a Progressive Web Application?

      A progressive web application means an application that is based upon a website. A PWA is an application that has the functionality of an application and accessibility of a website. Progressive web applications are like websites that are perceived as full-fledged native applications.

      These applications work on a web browser and are irrespective of the operating system that they work upon. So, for example, they work on the web browser and have nothing to do with whether they have to run on Android or an iOS system. 

      PW Applications are developed on web technology. Therefore, they do not need to be installed. All the user has to do is log in using the user id and password. 

      To work on a PW application, you do not need to download anything from the play store or the app store.

      Whenever we visit the Progressive app next time, the browser will have an icon of the web app so that we can directly access it next time.

      Development of a progressive Web application

      The development of a Progressive web application is quite similar to a native application, but it is much easier than that. A native app uses different frameworks like Swift and java, whereas the PW application uses basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript for its development.

      A native application has to be developed differently for operating systems like Android and iOS, but a Progressive Web application is the same for every operating system. Some of the most widely used frameworks for developing Progressive web applications are Vue.JS and React. And JS.

      The development of a progressive web application requires a short time duration, while a native app development takes much more time. The cost of developing a native application is more than the development of a progressive web application.

      Who can use PW Applications?

      The restaurants and café owners need a platform where they can upload their menu and deliver all the essential information required for the user. Cafes and restaurants can use PW apps to upload their menu and other useful work.

      Often, hotels face the problem that they do not have a particular platform where they can update their users about the vacancies of the rooms. So, PW apps Can be used by the hotel industry to deliver information to customers about vacant rooms.

      Hospitals also face the issue that they do not have any particular platform where they can update the patient's reports. So, the hospitals can also use the PW apps to make it easier for the patient's family to get an update and report about the patients' health.

      Even when people are offline, they should be able to read current information on social and news apps. Make sure users keep their authentication even if they aren't connected to the internet. An offline PWA provides a genuine app-like experience.

      Progressive Web applications are used when we want the functionalities of a native application, like easier workflow or information distribution. Still, you don’t want to extend it too much like what a native application offers. 

      For example, a hotel needs to update its users about the vacancies of the available hotel rooms. Online programmes that include service workers, manifests, and other web-platform characteristics to give users a native-like experience are built on progressive enhancement.

      The cost of developing a PW application depends upon a lot of factors. Some of the factors include what all features are to be included in the application? 
      What are the logic and functionalities to be used in the application?
      What workflow does it include?
      The company’s database
      There are a lot of advanced technologies that are often used in the case of native apps, so the cost of including such features makes it much more costly than a PW application.

      Difference between a native app and a PW application:

      Time to develop

      PW apps are made in a shorter time, whereas a native application takes more time for its development as there are a lot of functionalities involved. There are many functionalities that a native app can provide that the PW app cannot.


      The probability of getting traffic on a PW application is much more than that of a native application. A PW app gets traffic from a search engine, hence has a greater probability of success. A PW app can get the maximum traffic from a web browser, whereas a native app cannot get that much traffic.

      Key difference

      Native apps become a part of the system once installed, whereas PW apps remain part of the web browser; hence there is a high chance of battery consumption in the case of PW Apps. Native apps run on the system, whereas the PW apps are meant to run on the browser, so different languages are used for the development.
      A PW app is less complicated to develop, whereas a native app is more complex to develop. Native apps can use sensors or certain advanced technologies, but PW apps cannot.


      The development of progressive web apps does not require much capital, whereas a native application requires more money for its development as there are a lot of extensive tools used.