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    Entrepreneurs and innovators who hold extensive knowledge in the field

    Co-Founder and Director

    Romit Gabani

    Mr.Romit Gabani is a serial entrepreneur leading eSparkBiz since 2010. Under his leadership the company has built its reputation as an excelling offshore development company. He values building relationships with clients rather than just focusing on the business at hand.

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    The Faces Behind our Success

    Bhavesh Jadav

    Team Leader

    Shital Sanepara

    Graphic designer

    Daxita Parsana

    Team Leader

    Poonam Dobariya

    Graphic designer

    Bhumi Asodariya

    Team Leader

    Vruta Radadiya

    Graphic designer

    Hardik Makwana

    Graphic designer

    Priyanshi Kheni

    Graphic designer